The third trimester. Well what can I say? It has followed the same pattern as the rest of the pregnancy really. Nothing has been glamorous. No part of it has been easy. 

Work became more and more of a struggle and because I pushed myself too hard and tried to do too much I was punished. At least that’s how it felt. One Wednesday morning when I was just about to start a handover with my replacement I went to the toilet and found blood. It wasn’t much but when you’ve been through what we have even the smallest amount can scare you and it was bright red. 

I phoned maternity triage and they got me in within the hour. The next problem was the fact that my husband was at work. Not just at work, he was the furthest he could be on his route. Luckily my best friend and second birthing partner works at the hospital and was there to meet me when I arrived. Several tears were shed and I was whisked into a room and allowed to hear baby’s heartbeat. That brought on more tears but happy ones this time. 

After that initial panic I just let the midwives take over. I was strapped up to a monitor and they checked baby was doing ok and that I wasn’t actually in labour. I had to have another anti D injection (because I’m rhesus negative and simon isn’t) and because they wanted to keep an eye on me I had to have an overnight stay. 

They strapped me up to the monitor again that night and the next morning and because there was no other bleeding I was allowed to go home on the understanding I didn’t return to work until Monday.  What a relief. Sleep is not easy in hospital at the best of times especially in such a busy ward. When I got home I slept and slept and slept. 

Monday came and went and I was doing well. No more bleeding and I was doing far less at work. Wednesday was the panic day as it had been a week since the last bleed. Funny how your superstitions kick in. My husband even said no bleeding today please as he left the house. I only had to work in the morning and then I could relax at church. And I did manage that. Well not quite the relaxing bit as baby Alice decided to wriggle around like jumping jack flash!

Relaxing at home I made my way to the bathroom for one of my many wee stops and low and behold there was more blood! This time my husband was on his way home from work because his shift had finished so I phoned triage and we were on our way in again. 

More monitors and Drs but baby was fine and the bleeding had stopped again. I thought I’d be able to go home that night. Stupid girl. I really should know better. Over night stay for me with another anti D injection with an added bonus of a couple of steroid injections. They were for “just in case”. Just in case what? Just incase she’s wants to or has to come out early apparently!!!!!!!

I’ve got much better over the years with injections and blood taking. It’s been a case of having to. But the steroid injections were very painful. I didn’t even flinch when the needle went in. What hurt was the fluid going in and it stung for several minutes after. Not something I’m keen to repeat but what the hey we’d both do anything for this precious rainbow baby. 

While I was sitting on the hospital bed waiting for the dr to come and tell me I could go home my consultant turns up. He was on call and they had told him I was in so he thought he’d better check up on me. I didn’t like what he said though. He told me I had to stay in for a second night and that he needed me to have a scan the next day so they could check if it was my low placenta that was bleeding. He also said that if I have another bleed I will be staying in until the baby arrives. This made me cry. I wasn’t getting any sleep in the hospital and for me hospital brings back memories of being very ill two years ago. The food isn’t brilliant either. Who microwaves fish fingers and chips and who serves it up with broccoli!!!

When I started to cry I was told in no uncertain terms by the consultant that it’s not about me. It’s about our baby. She’s the important one now. Harsh words but ones I needed to hear to bring my focus back. We had come so far I didn’t want to risk anything now. 

This news also meant I missed my last two days at work. I didn’t get everything done and I never got to have a proper handover with my replacement. And for once in my career I didn’t care. I’d had another scare and work suddenly didn’t feel important. I popped in the next week to drop off my keys and they gave me the most lovely presents. The team I will miss. The work I will not. 

The scares did spur my husband into action and he has finished the nursery. Take a look. I love it. 


FYI I know she’s not allowed bumpers on the cot so I’ll take them off when she goes in there and the mobile was purchased in Athens, Greece, two days after embryo transfer. 

In between all that we did have a 4d scan and got to see our precious girl. Have a sneak peak yourselves. 

So my life now consists of hospital appointments, sleeping and getting frustrated because I can’t do everything I want to do. That and some of the least glamorous pregnancy symptoms you can possible imagine. Ironically I’ve just started the not being able to sleep. I know it’s my body’s way of preparing me! 

At one such appointment I was told I can try for a natural delivery because my placenta has moved up out of the way. This is good news as far as I’m concerned because I know the recovery will be quicker, but I am totally prepared to have a c section if the Drs say so. For once in my life I am doing what I’m told. 

Hot off the press another appointment and I’m told that donor egg pregnancies rarely go to term and that some of the less pleasant symptoms I described to my consultant can be signs of my body getting prepared for labour! Oh and if baby isn’t hear by week 38 he is going to induce me anyway! That’s knocked two weeks off my timeline and sent me into turmoil! Those of you that know me well can imagine my reaction to this but my husband is the one that has suffered the most with this news. I suddenly want everything done in the house and he still has a full time job to go to. Poor man. But he knew what he was getting into when he married me 😉

So now there are less than five weeks until we meet our rainbow baby which is more of a good thing than a panic. At least that’s what my husband keeps telling me. 

I probably won’t have chance to do another blog now until baby arrives unless there is another update to my condition. Or I get taken into hospital and I’m bored out my brain. Let’s think positive and say “see you on the other side!”…