Well we have survived the wait until our 20 week scan. Two months is a very long time when you are an anxious pregnant woman. 

We have cheated a little because we brought a home Doppler and have been able to hear babies heartbeat since about 13 weeks. I know that it could have made us more anxious but we were lucky and we’re able to find the heartbeat fairly easily every time. It’s an amazing sound and one we’ve been able to share with the whole family too. 

Life has been stressful the last few weeks too. Work is hard when you’re trying to work at the pace you need to to survive and you’ve got another person swimming around inside you. That and some health issues that my mother is having can make your blood pressure rise. Thankfully my regular reflexology has counteracted that and I have managed to remain relatively calm through out. 

Today we had our 20 week scan. I know, how can it be 20 weeks already? If you could see the size of my bump you’d think I was further! 

All in all it was a good appointment. Bubba was wriggling a lot so the picture above was the best we could get. All measurements that were taken looked good (although long legs were not what we were expecting to hear). The sonographer couldn’t get a good enough look at the heart so we’ve got to back for another go in about 12 days. Also bubba had a slightly swollen belly. They just want to check that again because it could be a sign of gestational diabetes but it wasn’t in the danger zone. Lastly the placenta is low so they will need to keep an eye on that too. Basically I’m thinking more scans and that’s fine with me! 

And here’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for. Is a 💙 or a 💗……

It’s a GIRL 💗💗💗💗

We are very excited and have been buying pretty dresses (although not in pink) and pretty tops. Still lots to get sorted but we are well on the way. 

Until the next update …