It’s not until I read my last blog that I realised how long it’s been. No wonder some of you have been getting twitchy and even a little demanding. 

We have had some tough times the last few weeks. Another bleed that meant I woke to blood all over the bed and a large clot passed. As you can imagine every bad thought that could have gone through my head did go through it. My family were on high alert via a group message I’d set up previously and I was on the phone to the hospital several times that day. 

I eventually got another scan and found that Twin A was still fine and the bleeding could be due to loosing Twin B. I was told that at this stage (9 weeks) there would have been tissue in the clot if I had of had a miscarriage. 

We went to see the consultant around this time and he did recognise us but more my husband as I had clearly changed with my weight loss. He was very surprised to see us and even more surprised that our IVF had worked first time. That just goes to show you how bad the odds are in the U.K.  He also took the name of the clinic we used as he said it would be helpful to be able to give couples alternatives. 

From all that I managed to relax a bit more over xmas and we were lucky enough to have some baby stuff donated to us. Because we were loading the car up with a cot and various other obvious stuff my little niece got very suspicious. She was asking a lot of questions so I had the pleasure of telling her she was getting another cousin. Her face was a picture. I love how she smiled at us. 

Between Christmas and new year we had our last scan in the early pregnancy unit. Everything was fine so we no longer had to have weekly scans. Fab except I was impatient to see baby again and two weeks seemed like a long time! 

We didn’t have our 12 week scan exactly at 12 weeks because they didn’t have an appointment and a couple of days later was Friday the 13th so I wouldn’t go then! We ended up going after the weekend that made me 12 weeks and 5 days. That was a really long time to wait to find out if you are out of the really risky bit. 

The picture you see at the top of this blog is the picture we got that day. It was an amazing experience. We heard baby’s heartbeat for the first time, saw arms and legs and feet and hands. We saw the skull and the start of the brain as well as a spine and the little mouth swallowing! Baby was very mobile though which made things tricky. The sonographer was having to press really hard on my tummy to pin baby down! This wasn’t the most comfortable for me because I had a very full bladder (she commented on how full it was) and she was pressing right on it! For her to get a better picture I had to lie on my side for a few minutes and then turn back. This got baby off of his/her side and onto his/her back. A much better angle for pictures. 

Watching baby waving and kicking at us was a magical feeling but I was wondering if it was going to be a taste of things to come. Am I going to suffer domestic abuse from the inside?!

No scans booked now until 20 weeks (I’m not sure I’ll cope!) which is where we will get to find out the sex. Of course we are going to do that, those of you that know me will understand that I don’t like surprises. 

Until the next update …