Wow what a week!

On Monday we had to do another test for our Greek consultant and then book in a scan. 

I woke up at 2am Monday and needed a wee so decided that was the time to do it. So I pee’d in my mug and dipped the stick in. While waiting for the magic words I wiped myself and then saw blood. 

I was unusually calm and woke my husband gently. There was nothing we could do except to try not to panic. Didn’t mean I was going to sleep though! Lots of googling later and I was finally able to get a few winks. 

As soon as the surgery opened I was booking a phone appointment and requesting some observations. He agreed I needed to be checked but the hospital said there wasn’t enough blood to warrant an urgent scan that day but I was booked in for Tuesday. Just 24hrs to wait! Fab!

The blood eased off and turned brown which made me feel better and knowing I was going to have a scan meant that I would be able to get some sleep that night. 

Tuesday came round and I thought it would be a good idea to have spiritual healing before I went. You can’t do too much help. I didn’t realise how busy they would be and we were cutting it fine to get to the hospital on time. 

As it was I had to abandon the car with my husband and run to the ward. He had to find somewhere to park and come find me. I must admit my heart was pounding thinking he might miss it. Thankfully he made it just before I was called in. Someone was looking out for us. 

The lady doing the scan was the same one that scanned me many a time when I was suffering with the pelvic infections. It was nice to see a friendly face because I wasn’t sure what I was feeling by that point. 

Once the scan started I was so relieved when she said everything looked fine and my cervix was closed. But then she said “this is going to be a long pregnancy”. “I’m going to need to scan you every week”. What? Why? “Well” she said. “I can see two sacs! And I see two heartbeats too which pleases me very much”. 

OMFG! I was right. It’s twins! I knew there was a reason I’m feeling soooo sick and sooooo tired. I’ve got two little humans zapping my energy. 

What we have to remember though is that I am still only 6 weeks. It’s very early days and anything can happen. It’s all very promising but let’s try and keep our emotions in check. (Basically that’s for my husband. He’s very excited). 

The nurse kept saying very calmly. “Let’s take one day at a time” and she right. 

I also had the midwife to see in the afternoon which took over an hour! I picked up all my paper work and she got me an appointment to see the consultant as I’m a high risk pregnancy x 2 now. 

So watch this space to see the updates about babies alpha and beta!