Wow it’s really here. Didn’t think we would get this far but we have. T- day is tomorrow and we are here in Athens. 

Strange day though with plenty of different emotions. Panic stations with the packing to start with. We were over the miserly 20kg weight limit so a few things went in hand luggage (making that bloody heavy) and I had to let a few things stay behind. The chosen things were a pair of shoes (I’ve never come away with just the pair on my feet before!) and my angel cards. I shouldn’t really do a reading while I’m in the middle of this part of the journey so that was probably a good thing. 

Walking in to Gatwick I started to cry. No idea why and it didn’t last for long because we had to find the place to take our now light suitcase. 

Then it was time for a wee and the removal of crystals so I could get through security without a hitch.  I know. I’ve got to explain that in more detail haven’t I? I am a firm believer in crystal therapy and you wouldn’t believe how many there are to help me cope with what’s going on at the moment. Crystals have to be next to the skin to be most affective and some need to be near specific chakras to help keep them open. Turns out I needed about three to be near the chakra for womb health which means in my nickers. That’s tricky to do when you’ve lost 8st 6 1/2lb and your underwear isn’t as tight as it use to be. So that they didn’t drop out at inappropriate times I decided to put them in little cages and pin them to my nickers. Genius I thought. Just one problem. The metal detectors at the airport. Better take them out! The other crystals I carry (7 more) are kept in my bra so they are always secure. I had a nightmare that if I set the alarms off they would frisk me and feel them in there so I took them out too. Standing in the toilet putting all these crystals in to a little bag in my handbag made me feel like a drug dealer. Then I thought about what my handbag would look like on the X-ray! I made sure I put the crystals near the top so they wouldn’t think I was hiding something. I must have been bright red as I walked through there. 

Getting to our gate was interesting. There were a group of youngsters getting in our way as we were trying not to be late (I needed a wee so that had to come first, that and I had to put my crystals back where they belonged). Then there were a couple of queues for gates (it is easyJet) but thankfully we joined the right one unlike the group of youngsters who were in my way. Lol. 

The flight was packed. The last few people didn’t have room for their hand luggage so they had to go in the hold. The luggage that is not the passengers. This wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t charge so bloody much for hold luggage. Wouldn’t have happened in the old days. Blimey I’m old. 

I was bloody glad I’d lost all that weight though. I still struggled to fit the seatbelt round me god knows how I would have done it before. 

Here’s a picture of us settled in our seats. 

Watched smurfs two and proper laughed out loud. Really good film. Just as good as the first. 

Then I saw the sunset out of the window. Got a couple of nice shots (see below). You can just see the moon in the top left corner and one shows the clouds looking like a lake in the sunset. 

We landed safely and by the time we had sat back and let the hoards of people, pushing each other along, clear our path we sailed through. When we got to baggage reclaim there was a domestic going on. One couple shouting in Greek, I think, really going for it. We just grabbed our case and left. 

Next to ride the metro. Got to get your tickets and get on the right train. Not too hard especially as husband had already been. Paid for the tickets which were cheaper than he remembered but it is winter now. We found a metro train and sat on it. Seemed like forever but it did eventually move and in the right direct which was a bonus. About half way through this journey we started talking about the fare we paid and looked at the research I had done for husbands trip. Turns out we had brought 2 bus tickets rather than metro tickets! My god did I start sweating then. If we were asked for our tickets there would be a big fine for us both. Not what I needed in light of me needing to be stress free this trip! 

Thankfully we didn’t get asked and we didn’t need to show them the other end. That was lucky! 

Husband managed to navigate us to our hotel with out too much trouble and then the hotel had upgraded our room. Bonus! The room is huge and has a balcony. It’s newly decorated and has duvets, which husband didn’t have in his room! 

So now having had food I’m writing this too tire out my brain so I sleep. Tomorrow is an exciting day for us both and will probably be a very emotional one too. 

Night night every one. Sleep tight and watch this space…