Today I jumped another hurdle and brought us one step closer to our goal. 

It was womb lining measuring day for me and as usual it was coupled with many different panics. 

First there was the “what if it isn’t thick enough?”

Then there was “what if we have to wait longer? We’ll have to rebook everything!”

That then moved on to the “what if my womb is damaged? That would mean the end of this dream” I actually convinced myself that the hospital had lied and my womb had been damaged. 

Turns out I didn’t need to panic. I have a perfect 12mm of lining waiting to receive baby lewis. I now have my instructions from dr Nikos and have heard that our blastocysts are ready and waiting for us. 

There was one surprise as I was laying there all undignified like. She started to say that she could see my left ovary. I paused for a minute and then blurted out that I don’t have any ovaries. She checked the right hand side and there was definitely nothing there but went back to the left and there was a dark shape. Between us we concluded that it was either a remnant of my ovary or a fibroid. It didn’t matter. We were there to check my lining and that was pucker.  

Exciting times ahead. Watch this space …