Those of you that have read my blogs from the beginning will know a lot about the weekly support group I go to. 

Every week a group of ladies and the therapist that started the group, get together and open up. We all know how the others are feeling but it’s so nice to be able to say the things we are thinking with out judgement. To get them out in the open so they don’t eat us up in side. 

We learn different ways of coping with our emotions and things like crystal therapy and colour therapy to really make a difference to our lives. 

Sometimes, like me, there can seem no hope. Then some one comes to the group that gives you an idea and you’re off on a brand new adventure! 

We’ve had specialists come and talk to us for free and some times we make regular appointments with them, which again helps us to cope or sometimes they can be the miracle cure. 

Anyway I think you get the idea. I love the group and the people in it but we are struggling with funds. To be able to continue running the group we need money for the venue and for insurance (sometimes we can get violent) etc. 

So many people have been generous over the last year and even though my journey with them may well be coming to an end (it’s not appropriate for us to stay after 12 weeks pregnant for the emotional wellbeing of the others) I really want to make sure it is there for others to benefit from. 

So please dig deep and give a little. I guarantee we can make it go a long way.

Fertility support group go fund me

Lastly if you are in East Sussex (Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne) and are suffering yourself please contact me privately and I will put you in touch with our lovely organiser. 

Thanks for reading x x x