Written in 2006 – What is it about blondes’ that make men head for them while pushing a brunette out of the way? They most certainly do not have more fun and I am living proof of that. When I go out for a night I do so with the sole intention of having the best time possible. Men seem to prefer skinny women too. That I really don’t understand because surely it is better to have some flesh to hug and squeeze. The bones only get in the way! I don’t think I will ever understand men. They have life all wrong but then they haven’t met me yet obviously! 

I write a lot about the quirky things that other people do but it has just occurred to me that I have some strange habits too. In the mornings I have to eat my toast bottom half first. Making sure I eat the crust end last. I don’t know if I am unusual but I actually have no reason for it other than it’s not right! The two halves don’t taste any different and when bread has been toasted it is crunchy all over. I’m the same with scones. I have to eat the bottom section first and if they are all jammed up on a plate then I don’t feel right unless I have eaten at least one of each half. Bottom first of course. 

I don’t feel unlucky if I put the wrong leg into my trousers first or put my shoes on in the wrong order, although if I don’t follow my routine in the morning it throws me all day. 

I have been driving for 11 years and when it poured down with rain one week I realised that I have never driven through a deep puddle. It probably hasn’t been an issue while driving around my home town, there is always another way to get where you want to be. I thank my lucky stars that my dad was in the car with me. He taught me to drive slowly and make sure that I rev hard. Apparently that stops the water getting in the exhaust and flooding the engine. 

Living by the sea I find many a time that my car windows are covered in a salty scum. I usually drive a bit before I use the squirters to clean off the windows but during the winter they can get particularly bad. I actually needed to clean them off before I could drive off. They were so bad that I didn’t see the pedestrian walking by until he looked in the window and grinned at me. I had covered him in windscreen wash! I don’t think it can have been much because he didn’t bang on the window and shout at me. I did grin back and apologise through the glass. He seemed happy enough so I don’t think I am going to hell.