Written in 2005 – Why do drivers still insist on pushing their luck? There are lots of accidents because people aren’t concentrating on what they are doing. Just the other day I was driving behind a man who was too interested in what was on his passenger seat. We weren’t going fast. In fact it was stopping and starting for miles. I still remember thinking to myself “you need to pay more attention mate!” I’m not often wrong and I wasn’t this time. The traffic stopped suddenly and he wasn’t looking. The bloke in front of him got out of his car and they both inspected the damage. There wasn’t any screaming or hitting so I didn’t feel the need to stop and offer help. Not that a woman on her own would have taken either of them on. I just pulled round them and carried on with my journey. I was a bit surprised when a few minutes later the distracted driver was behind me. I was worried that he would do it again so I made sure I was out of his way as soon as possible. He didn’t learn from his bump though. When I looked in my rear view mirror he was still mucking around in the passenger seat! 

I have now thrown out one of my principles. A driving related one. I tried to make the car in front go faster by getting too close to their rear end. We weren’t on a fast road so I hope that I would have been able to stop if necessary. I really regret it now because I get annoyed when people do it to me, not very often I might add. 

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to all the drivers out there who think that I can read their minds when it comes to which direction they are going in. It is just a small movement of the hand and doesn’t take much effort. I can’t understand why they don’t want to inform other road users of what they are intending to do. It must be much safer for them as well as everyone else. 

I have stayed in hotel rooms that have just a single bed in. Not only are they tiny, without enough room to swing a cat, but I have to try and sleep in a single bed. That isn’t good for me because I am a terrible fidget and the only way I can make myself comfortable enough to actually fall asleep is to wriggle around until I find the perfect position. This is totally impossible in a single bed. I roll one way and hit my head on the wall and if I roll the other, I fall out! I really can’t win. 

During the second year of my secondment I have been asked to travel further afield. I didn’t realise how far I would be expected to drive until I drove passed a sign post for Canada! It’s surprising what you can find out side of your region…