Written in 2005 – I may not be very old but I have seen some sights in my time. However nothing so far has made me as angry as the ear-piercing incident I witnessed. While I was working in Worthing there was a market stall that caught my eye. They were offering ear and nose piercing on the stall. Now that did seem strange to me but I figured it was the individuals choice. If they wanted to risk it that was their look out. I was disgusted to see a young couple getting their baby’s ears pierced. I have never heard a child scream like that before. I was seriously getting shivers down my spine. I really don’t understand why they couldn’t have waited for the child to be old enough to make the decision for his or her self. 

Old people can really be annoying but there are times when you just have to laugh at them. There was one couple who were in the same hotel as me. I was sitting down to my breakfast and I saw the husband pushing his wife into the restaurant in a wheelchair. That evening I was having dinner and I saw them leaving the table. The wife was slowly turning the wheels of her chair herself and trundling along quite happily and her husband was following behind with two walking sticks. He was making less progress than she was! It was nice to see that they were looking after each other and not relying on a home. At least they can stay in their own home and enjoy a few days away in a hotel. 

I was sat on a table near a group of people that must have been 70 if they were a day. They did keep me amused most of the evening though. One of them was talking about the fact that they had a double bed to themselves. After much discussion they all decided that it was really two single beds pushed together. The answer to this statement was “I’ll have to be careful if I get jolly in the night in case I fall down the middle!” Not the sort of thing that you expect to come out of the mouths of the older generation but they all laughed when she said it so they must have been on the same wavelength! 

Sometimes when I am in the same hotel for a number of weeks I can build up a rapport with the waiting staff. They do get to know your face and are chatty. I have had times though when I just want to punch them in the head for being so bad at their job (who knew I was so violent back then. Good job I’ve mellowed!). Once I was ordering breakfast and I had decided I fancied a bacon sandwich. It’s not often I have anything cooked in the morning but when you have an idea in your head you just have to go with it. Well, I asked the waiter and he replied with “I can’t make you a sandwich but I could bring you some bacon and extra toast”. I forgot I was in public and just exclaimed “you are joking?” That must have had an effect, or he got a ribbing from the chef, because he returned a few minutes later with a sandwich in tow. What really made me chuckle was the fact that he said “I managed to make a sandwich!”  I did check for added extras before I took a bite! 

Those days that start bad and just keep getting worse seem to be occurring more frequently. This time I got to work and two extra trainees turned up. One of them was extremely easy on the eye so I didn’t complain too much. Until I found out he had a girlfriend that is! While I was training them I managed to get my trouser leg caught underneath my arse, I was sitting on my leg, and when I pulled it free the seam split! I don’t think anyone noticed but I was very self conscious about it. That wasn’t the end of it though. I was getting to the end of the day and thought I would look down my cleavage. I had just had a new tattoo there, I wasn’t being weird. I wasn’t prepared for the sight that bestowed me. The wire of my bra was poking out and in danger of sticking in my eye. Have you ever tried to readjust your underwear without attracting attention? Not an easy task I’ll tell you. It would have been funny, in a way, if I had of got it in my eye. I would have had a job explaining that to A&E!