Written in 2005 – The hire car that we get for work has to be changed every so often because of the high mileage that we do. I managed to change mine recently to a very posh one with electric windows, air conditioning and a CD player. I was so excited until I realised that I only had tapes with me because the car before had a tape player. 

I’m sure that everyone else is suppose to follow the same Highway Code but spending a lot of time on the road I don’t see much evidence of it. When travelling at speed you should leave at least two car lengths between you and the car in front. I work it out by repeating the phrase “Only a fool breaks the two second rule!” Why is it then that whenever I leave this amount of space some moron decides it is for them to squeeze into in order to overtake someone? I inevitably have to break to accommodate them in the queue and then if we are going up a hill I have to pull in because I can’t overtake anymore. Why do people do it? I am sure they must get annoyed when others do it to them so why do they get up my nose all the time? 

Something tickled me when I was driving to my parents for a holiday. I was merrily bombing along, probably a little too fast, and there seemed to be a wall that none of the cars wanted to cross. Everybody slowed down and most of them moved into the near side lane. It wasn’t until I got closer that I realised it was a police car. Everyone had slowed down to the speed limit and wouldn’t over take it because he was doing the correct speed. When he turned off everyone went back to speeding! 

All during my childhood we spent our holidays in Cornwall. My dad would always drive and we would always leave very early in the morning. My dad hated having to stop for us to use the loo, however long it took us. We did learn over the years and we always said we wanted to go half an hour before we thought we would need to, then we could guarantee we would stop before we wet ourselves. Now they live in Cornwall, and I have to drive myself down there, I have become just like my dad. I only stop if I am getting uncomfortable and the bumps are making me cry! I can do the whole thing with just one stop now.