It had to happen. I’ve been waiting for it really. 

Freak out!
I don’t know if it’s the extra hormones from extending my cycle (consultant has made me take 6 extra brown pills so I’m lined up ready for our transfer date). The new job panic setting in or the fact that I’m now on holiday and have extra time to think. There’s also the possibility of other people’s doubts and negativity seeping in too. 

This morning I very nearly cancelled the hotel we have had booked for months because it looked too far away from the clinic. I was seconds away from booking the hotel next door to the clinic but with no free cancellation policy and an upfront payment. When I put my sensible head on and did a map route plan, it was actually just 10 mins walk or 3 min car ride away! 

So my freak out was for absolutely no reason. It’s a good job I’ve got my husband and some very supportive friends around me making sure I keep my feet on the ground. And they have to remind me to keep my positivity up too. 

All calm and positivity and obviously excitement has been resumed.