Written in 2005 – I’ve been working on this book for nearly a year now and I’ve only just thought of a title. I wanted it to reflect a road that has become a big part of my life, the M25, and the way I perceive my life. The stops and starts are typical of my social life and sometimes you can go over the speed limit as can my world. 

I don’t go on holiday very often but there is a place I seem to go a lot. Limbo! I always seem to find my way there and sometimes I stay for ages. It isn’t a place I would recommend for a break. The weather is changeable and the air is thick. One minute you are happy, the next you can’t see where you are going. If you can have some fun while you are staying there grab it with both hands because you never know when you are going to leave. Sometimes you get to leave via the high street but most of the time I find myself taking the low road. The worst of it is that it is usually not a place you take yourself. Someone drives you there and leaves you in the middle until you find your way out or they come back to get you. 

Why do I spend my whole life trying to lose weight so that I am more attractive to the opposite sex and when I find someone, who likes me the way I am, I can’t eat properly and end up losing weight anyway? 

Why do I let myself get too attached to men? After all I have been through with relationships you would think I have learnt my lesson. Men have been nothing but trouble for me. I still don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I know I have good friends but I miss the closeness of a relationship. Having someone to hold, and be held by, is a special feeling. When you meet someone who isn’t afraid to be seen in public with you and enjoys showing you off to his friends it can cause a serge of emotions to run through your veins. Maybe it’s just me because I am a very emotional person …