Wow. What a morning. We have had a Skype call from our consultant in Greece to talk through what happens next. 

It was very overwhelming and exciting but I repeated all the instructions back to him and my husband was there too so we had two sets of ears on it. I also cried for 20 mins after. Happy tears but just so relieved that we are finally getting things moving. 

My husband is booked in for 12th/13th October to deposit his sperm, which they will freeze until needed. Bless him, he is going to go over on his own and find his own way around a big city. That works out even better for me because when I have to be there he will come with me and he’ll know where he’s going. Less stress for me! 

I’ve got to time my periods perfectly for the next two months because …. Drum roll please….. I go over there for the 7th November. 9 weeks to go! 

The countdown has begun. We are giving the health kick one last push as well as keeping the stress levels as low as we can. 

This is really happening. I’m going to need masses of support but I know you are all there for me and my husband. Bring it on.