Wow what a week! 

I weighed in last Tuesday and I have now lost a total of 5st 8lb and still going. I am determined to be a fit mum. 

We also got paper copies of all our blood test results so my husband scanned them in and I sent them via email to Greece. What I didn’t know is that not everyone can open zip files so I had to do that again today. Worst bit was that I also had to convert the scanned images to PDFs first. I think our house guest found that very amusing and she realised I knew a lot more swear words than she thought! 

The consultant wants to do a Skype call on Sunday. To discuss the next steps. How exciting is that? I presume I will find out how I have to take my tablets after the next bleed that I have. It’s all starting to take shape. When he first said I had to have three good periods I thought that was forever away. But I understand the importance and I’m nearly done. Two down one to go! 

My husband has been wearing his loose boxers and not carrying his phone in his trouser pocket. Along with his weight loss this should make his end of the procedure more effective. 

We have had a fabulous response to our financial appeal and thanks to generous family and friends, and a fab 0% deal on our credit card, we now have all the money we need waiting for the bills. 

Lastly to top it all off I have been given a temporary promotion that should take me up to my maternity leave (positive thinking in progress) and set me up for my return. 

All in all a positive week even if it did start with horrendous period pain but as you can see that is totally in the back of my mind, because the good stuff is out weighing the bad.