I was chatting to my husband today about my blog and how it was making me feel so much better to be able to share what we are going through. Then I remembered that I started to write a book a few years ago.

Upon further investigation I found an electronic copy of said book and started to have read. Turns out I started said book 12 years ago! If you just read it page by page it actually sounds like a blog rather than book. Some of it is terrible. I’m embarrassed that it was written by me. Other bits are really heartfelt and deserve to be heard. I’ve decided to bunch the paragraphs together so that everything flows better and then I’ll publish them on here. 

Remember these are way before there was any issue with fertility so I have no idea what’s coming but what they do do is give you an insight into what made me the way I am. 

Please enjoy and remember there are some bits I’ve had to leave out as my parents would not enjoy reading them but most of you will get the jist of it. 

Watch this space and remember to sign up for email alerts X X X