Having worked for my employers for 21 years I would say I was dedicated. I’ve always thrown myself into every role I have taken on and given them 110%. I didn’t really have anything else in my life so it wasn’t a big deal and actually when I started travelling round the country my confidence started to blossom. Work had done me a favour. The new me was out in the world. 

Then I met my husband. I had to rethink my priorities. I knew I couldn’t travel round the country anymore. I would never see him! That wouldn’t be good for baby making really! I decided to move to a store near home and four years later I’m still here but now my priorities have changed again. 

There’s nothing like being really sick to make you put your house in order. Being a family is the only thing on our minds at the moment and knowing how hard it is going to be means we have to really concentrate all our efforts on it. 

It’s a tricky balance to find. I can’t completely shut down because I need to keep busy and I certainly can’t lose my job. We need all the money we can get our hands on with this venture. But on the other hand I need to stay relatively stress free and my hormones need to be kept in check. 

I never thought I would ever put something before work but this is really happening. If we are lucky enough to be parents one day they will be our world. They will be the only thing we can think about from morning to night. Every decision we make from here on in will be for their future. This is the most exciting thing we have done since our wedding. Let’s do this!!!!!!