When I had my second ovary removed the surgeon did warn me that I might enter menopause. What he didn’t tell me was how quickly I would enter it and what a complete pain in the Arse it is.

I was in cuckoo land with the whole concept. I had watched my best friend go through it and she either came through it relatively unscathed or she was a damn good actress! I had had an implant under my belly button while waiting for an operation and I remember at the time joking that the symptoms were bad and hoping I wouldn’t have to go through it again. Bloody Mother Nature was only teasing! She was plotting my fate all along.

I don’t even know what was the worst bit… Actually I do and I bet it’s not what you’re thinking. The hot flushes were debilitating. The night sweats were just gross. But the very worst thing was the confusion and lack of concentration. I couldn’t finish a sentence because I’d forget what word I wanted to use. I’d always been the sort of person that wouldn’t say something with out knowing exactly how the conversation was going to go. I was confident and concise when I spoke. It was my own personal hell.

I knew this couldn’t continue. I started taking supplements for menopause and for a while they made me feel better then they started to wear off. I decided I needed some help then so I went to my GP. He tested me and surprise surprise I was confirmed as being in menopause. This wasn’t any help to me really as the GP didn’t want to just give me HRT as he was worried about my endometriosis coming back. He decided to refer me though because something had to be done.

I personally couldn’t wait so I decided to buy a menopausal magnet. Don’t laugh it really worked. We are made up of water and water is controlled by the moon which is a giant magnet etc etc (I really should have concentrated in that class). I waited patiently for three months while my magnet worked so well that I had a very light bleed! When I finally lost my patients with the Gyne appointments department I was beginning to see a real difference. Good job really as they hadn’t received the referral letter from the surgery. I had to get them to send it again.
I had a letter a week or so later. I was so excited… Until I opened it that was. I was on a waiting list. They didn’t know when I would get seen. That’s when I had my first Skype call with our consultant in Greece. He shouted “no no no. We need you to have periods. Take these. I’m posting them tomorrow. Don’t worry about endometriosis you’ll be pregnant soon! When they arrived I took great pleasure in ringing to say I didn’t need their appointment at the conquest. I was taking the first step. There’s no stopping me now.

OMG that was the start of something. Remember, I’d had a year of no ovaries, I was suddenly filling my body with oestrogen and noresterone. It was not a happy body. Sore boobs were the first thing, then there was the worry during my seven day pill break of wether I would come on or not (I need three months of bleeds before we start) I needent have worried. Mother Nature had that one under control. I had the worst flooding situation I’ve had in my life and the cramps meant I couldn’t stand up at times.  Was this really worth it? I had to have a stiff word with myself. “Think of your goal” “the bigger picture”. I had a reason to do this and to me it’s the best reason in the world.