I’ve had an amazing journey. Some incredibly low times but they have made me who I am today, and as we are told time and time again you have to have the rain to be able to appreciate the sun.

Some one very wise suggested I wrote a blog about my journey. They thought people would actually be interested in what I am going through and in some ways it may help others who are going through a similar journey.

My second blog is a piece I put as my Facebook status and it summarises what the last three years have been like for my husband and I. But also what the future holds. It has created a lot of conversations with our family and friends some of which are difficult conversations as it turns out they really have no idea what it is like to be in our shoes but on the whole the comments we have had are positive and supportive. The main theme seems to be that we hid the full extent of what was happening from everyone very well.

The long and the short of it is that I nearly died. In order to save my life I had to lose my hopes of becoming a mum naturally. Our journey is a long one and we hope ends with a Mary and Joseph worthy birth. You are welcome to join us on this ride of a lifetime, just strap yourself in tight it may be a bumpy ride!